Healthy lifestyle and disease prevention.


There is a common notion that for one to lose weight he or she must eat less or skip important meals like breakfast. The only way to succeed is by eating healthy and exercising to maintain high energy levels. Furthermore, when you skip a meal you are more likely to eat an unhealthy meal e.g. a snack later in the day causing the blood sugar levels to fluctuate. This is unhealthy since it may trigger your body to start a fat storage frenzy consequently resulting to weight gain.

The best way to shed fat and maintain higher energy levels is to create a fat burning momentum in your body and the healthy solution is to take a good diet at recommended intervals all day long without skipping. Eating the right kind of food helps maintain the energy levels, metabolism and blood sugar levels balanced.  The body burns fat well when your metabolism is working. So it is vital to launch your metabolism by eating each meal, which is breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The principle of body change does not necessarily mean body building, weight training or power lifting since these exercises may not for everyone. Following the principles of fitness, exercise and a healthy diet, you will achieve the desired results. The concept behind this principle depends on the individual and it involves body weight and kinesiology.

Another important aspect is detoxification since there is a alarming phenomenon called water retention that may result to weight gain. Detox should be done at least once a year so as to have a healthy body and avoid toxins accumulation. Medical condition like hyperthyroidism and water retention are some of other major causes of weight gain apart from an unhealthy diet. Some of the visible symptoms of water retention include limb swelling, painful legs, fatigue, apathy and bloating. To address this issue drink at least 2 liters of water daily, reduce salt intake and increase fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Lifestyle change is the first step in ensuring that you are following the right path since eating healthy is a lifestyle and it needs a new frame of mind since there are little adjustments that must be done. The key is starting and sticking to it. This can be done by developing a plan, formulating an eating healthy plan showing the objectives, actions and desired results you want to see in a given time is a sure first step to success.
Stay positive and realize that change will not be instant and only time will tell, in short, find something in your routine that will inspire you.
Rehydrate and dehydration can inhibit metabolism by up to 3 per cent, therefore it is important to include water in your diet plan.

Some of the benefits that can be derived from eating healthy are: – a general feeling of wellbeing and an energized body, a grounded immune system, quick recovery when you fall sick, mental alertness and sharpness. More so, healthy eating ensures you prevent some common diseases that are brought about by poor diet like cancer, hypertension and diabetes.