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Eating Wealthy: Some Of The World's Most Expensive Foods

Prime Veal with Risotto, Tartufo Nero (Black Truffle), Zucchini Grill, Porcini and Dried Tomato

Food has served as a status symbol for different societies throughout history. In the past, only the wealthiest of people could afford any type of meats or fruits, while the lower classes survived on root vegetables, bread and water.

Here are some of the foods that can technically be enjoyed by anyone who feels like saving up for them, but are perhaps best enjoyed by those who can spare the money.

Eating Healthy When Dining Out: Mexican Cuisine

Guajillo chili shrimps Mexican dish chili sauces nachos Mexico seafood

Eating healthy in a Mexican restaurant may seem like an epic feat, but choosing good and good-for-you options is as easy as tamale pie.

Italian Food: What's Healthy And What's Not

6 tile collage of italian cusine

Pizza and pasta may be the best-loved Italian foods in America, but they are not always among the healthiest options in Italian cuisine. To enjoy your favorite Italian foods while eating healthy, steer clear of large portions of pasta and bread, covered in meat and cheese. Instead, eat the way they do in Italy by selecting smaller portions and emphasizing fresh vegetables and fruit.

Competitive Eating: Fun Or Fattening?

HALIFAX - AUGUST 22: Contestants in the rib eating contest at the annual Nuts4Ribs festival, August 22, 2009, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Nuts4Ribs raises funds and awareness for testicular cancer

Eating competitions are an American pastime. With obesity rates on the rise, specialists are beginning to question just how damaging competitive eating can be to participants.

Sleeping Healthy: The Link Between Sleeping And Appetite

Young beautiful woman sleeping peacefully

More than half of all Americans are struggling to control their weight. New studies show that a person’s sleeping patterns are directly linked to their appetites.

8 Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat More Vegetables

young boy uninterested in eating a plate of vegetables

What parent hasn't wanted their kid to eat more veggies? Unlike fruit, which is sweet, and typically easy for kids to love, vegetables are sometimes slightly bitter and generally a much harder sell. Studies show that very few preschool-age American children—only 22 percent—eat the recommended amount of vegetables each day, and vegetable consumption often declines in older children.

Yo-Yo Dieting: Good, Bad, Or Better Than Nothing?

pink, body tape measure constructed as a yo-yo, depicting yo-yo diet concept

Weight loss seems to be a constant battle for many people. Repeatedly losing and regaining weight, also sometimes called weight cycling or yo-yo dieting, can be frustrating and discouraging.

However, a new study finds that it does not negatively modify metabolism, or impede your ability to lose weight in the future.

The Fifth Taste: Understanding Umami

cute kid really enjoying food

As children, many of us learned about taste buds and sweet, salty, sour and bitter foods. With increasing frequency in the past decade, scientists, food writers and chefs have introduced a fifth taste—umami—to the conversation.

The Daniel Diet: How A SoCal Mega Church Lost 130 Tons

young woman praying

Many people benefit from a “buddy system” to keep them accountable when they are trying a new diet or exercise plan. In this case, the buddies were 30,000 strong.

Members of the Southern California mega-church Saddleback Church, lost over 250,000 pounds in their first year of following The Daniel Plan, and they continue to find success following this unique plan for healthy living.

Eating Healthy: At The Movies

Group of young spectators eating popcorn at the movie theater

Movie theater concession stands can hurt more than just your wallet. Even without the notorious up-sell to the bucket size popcorn, movie theater treats are out to destroy your diet.

With a little precaution and a lot of self-control, you can still munch through your movie. Check out these tips before you start snacking: