The Basics

Energy: How a Calorie Works

What is a calorie? 

Two types of calories exist: the small calorie and the kilocalorie, also known as the large or food calorie.  The small calorie is generally measured only by scientists measuring reactions between chemicals.  The large calorie, or kilocalorie, is equal to 1,000 small calories.  To distinguish between a small calorie and a large calorie, writers sometimes capitalize “Calorie” when referring to the large calorie. 

Healthy Foods vs. Weight Loss Foods

raw salmon steak and spices and olive oil isolated on white

Many people love food and enjoy eating.  The tastes and textures of the culinary experience can be a thrill for individuals with sensitive or cultivated palates.  For people who fall into this category, food functions as something more than fuel – perhaps even a type of entertainment.  Still others perceive diet as a path to good health or an impediment to the body they have always wanted.  For those in the latter group, there are important differences between foods that can keep you healthy and f

History of the Food Pyramid

In June 2011, the USDA unveiled a new healthy eating icon to replace the familiar food pyramid.  The new icon, called MyPlate, is a colorful dinner plate broken into four sections to give you a memorable visual aid for planning a nutritious meal with appropriate portion sizes.  Half of the plate is devoted to fruits and vegetables, with a little bit more space given to vegetables than fruit.  The other half of the plate is filled with grains and protein, with grains receiving a bit more space than protein.  A

Lose weight drinking water. Healthy eating tips.


With the focus put on overall health by medical professionals, it is important to participate in all of the different pieces of healthy living. Finding and maintaining ways to eat healthy and participating in exercise are the two major ways to ensure that a healthy lifestyle is followed. Without participating in both pieces, it is difficult to maintain a lifestyle that will benefit overall health.

Vitamins and Tips


Many people these days are trying to figure out why they are on the heavy end of the scale or why they get sick more often than others.  While there are certain exceptions, the main reason for these anomalies is that their bodies are not well taken care of and is most probably deprived of important vitamins and minerals.

Why are Vitamins and Minerals Important?