Eating Healthy At The Amusement Park

amusement park rides, roller coaster and tents

Nothing can spoil a day of fun at the amusement park like spoiling your diet. From giant swirly lollipops to hubcap-sized funnel cake, caloric danger lurks at every turn.

And if you’ve brought the kids along—forget it! Portion sizes at amusement parks are notoriously out of control. Fortunately, there are some hidden gems that won’t ruin all the hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym. Use this handy guide to make healthy choices between rides.

Eating Healthy When Dining Out: Italian Cuisine

bowl of minestrone soup with bread

Taking the family out for Italian food on a Sunday has become as common as watching the football game together, or taking a trip to your grandmother's house.

There is the grossly indulgent way to eat Italian food, and then there is the healthy way. Here are some examples of ways to enjoy Italian cuisine with a health-conscious mind.

Fall Food Facts: Potatoes

trays of fresh potatoes displayed at a farmer's market

The potato may have fallen out of fashion a bit thanks to the low-carb diet craze, but the truth is that potatoes offer substantial health benefits, and, as the world’s fourth-largest food crop, they are likely to be around for a while.

Plus, given their long storage life, potatoes are a great vegetable to fill you up all throughout fall and winter.

Fall Food Facts: Eggplant

purple eggplants

Whether you’re an eggplant lover or new to this fruit (yes, fruit!), fall is a great time to add eggplant to your diet. There are several varities, including Sicilian or-zebra striped, long cylindrical Japanese, white/albino and baby Indian eggplant.

Fall Food Facts: Pumpkins

pumpkin pie in a pie plate with autumn leaves and pumpkins behind

Pumpkin is a great food for fall and winter, not only because pumpkin picking with leaves crunching around you is a fun weekend activity, but because the thick skin of pumpkins and other winter squash means they will store well throughout the winter.

Pumpkins And Health

Did you know that pumpkin pie is not only fun and delicious, but also healthy for you? Here are some of the many health benefits of pumpkins:

Healthy Diet For Weight Gain

three assorted protein shake cocktail with ingredients next to glass

With so many Americans striving to lose weight, it’s easy to forget about the people at the other end of the spectrum who need to gain weight. Whether you are recovering from an illness, struggling with a lack of appetite, trying to bulk up for a sport or were simply born skinny, there are healthy ways to gain weight.

Eating Healthy When Eating Out: Middle Eastern Restaurants

Chicken kebabs with bell peppers, onions, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes. Served with saffron flavored basmati rice.

Eating out at a Middle Eastern restaurant is an easy way to keep your diet healthy. Dishes are full of fresh veggies and low in bad fats. Stay away from deep-fried falafel and hugely oversized pita breads (ask the waiter to leave them in the kitchen so you can avoid the temptation entirely) and shoot for the veggie-centric mezzes and mains that are the hallmark of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Best Foods For Feeling Less Anxious

background of healthy fruits vegetables and nuts

Anxiety is stressful. One of the most comment ailments in the U.S, anxiety not only affects your mood but your physical body. While there are a number of expensive treatments you can take to combat anxiety, another method of alleviating your symptoms is to change your diet. Foods can impact mood and stress levels within the body, both for good and bad. Knowing when to indulge and what to avoid can make a huge difference in stabilizing anxiety.

Drinking Healthy: European Style

The Continental Style

group of five men and women having a good time with mugs of beer

One of the first things people visiting Europe observe is how differently Europeans approach drinking: Pleasure, taste and socialization take precedence over inebriation.

People sit around drinking slowly over the course of long meals, rather than knocking back drink after drink. Although Americans drink in a variety of ways, the fact remains; drinking culture in Europe is different.

Drinking Healthy: Asian Style


Closeup of set of China tea on bamboo mat

An extremely popular choice throughout Asia; China, Japan and many other countries have their own varieties of tea, some world-famous and some more exclusive to the specific region. Look for Oolong tea, Ginseng Tea, Green and Black teas, Jasmine Tea and others made from herbs or flowers.